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Update: August 2020 - Crazy covid world. I think I mostly guessed right back in March.

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August 21, 2020- Photos are up but articles and details still to come - Hunting Island, St. Phillips Island and Hilton Head Island photos are up now, articles with details to come, check next week.

August 12, 2020- State Parks a safe diversion from Covid 19. - Wonderful time for quiet hikes in State parks and taking photos.

March 4, 2020 - Covid-19 fears; Are we a sitting duck waiting for it to happen in a global Canadian resort? - Dealing with possibilities.

Recent Photos:

Hilton Head and St. Phillips Island - Another Coastal Expeditions tour from Hunting Island to St. Phillips, purchased by Hunting Island State Park and be preserved along with a few Hilton Head Island photos. Check for details in the News.

Hungting Island Dolphin Tour - Wonderful tour with Coastal Expeditions and walk about the state park.

Windsor Waterfront Trail - Pictures from the parks along the trail.


Movie Reviews - Three Stooges, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Book Reviews - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire

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December 2012 - A visit to the Georgia Aquarium - Amazing what you can see and do at the aquarium.

Vancouver Island Favorites - Check out Vancouver Island parks and trails in the News, then go find the ones I haven't.

Aviation News- Museums and Air show, August must be Aviation month!

Summer Vacation 2012- Lets all go to the races!

Summer Vacation 2012 Photos - The kids, grand kids, races, and Lion Safari (what I could fit in 50 photos).

Cruising with Mom and Dad- Port Canaveral to Bahamas, a nice diversion.

Photos Cruise 2012 - Bahamas Cruise, 2012 with mom and dad

Vail and Denver, March 2012- Nothing like Colorado, Vail and Denver.

Whistler, Victoria, Blaine, 2011 - Don't miss this write up and the beautiful photos! Everyone should do this for Thanksgiving.

Miami and Bahamas, December 2011 - A fun 4 day cruise and a night in Miami, what fun.

October 2011 - A recap of October in photos, no big news update until next month, then look for Victoria, BC information and a mini Bahamas cruise.

Fall Fun - A Fall Hike and Fall Fairs

Winthrop Lakeview Disc Golf Course- An overview of the course.

Winthrop Lakeview Disc Golf Course - An album of the course, may add more photos later.

Summer 2011- Weddings, Disney, parks etc. All the fun in the news.

Midland First Annual Ace Race- Who won, how did it play, when's the next? Come read the details.

Midland Ace Race- Link for next years updates.

Mississippi - Tupelo, Memphis, Elvis Presley, Beale Street, Tunica, - Just fun, check it out.

Mississippi Photos- Beale St., Memphis, Graceland, Elvis Presley Park, Tupelo.

Tunica Photos- Tunica Riverpark airboat ride, and the evil Sam's Town employee.

Chattanooga -- Great Food, Waterfront Festivals and Fun - A fun place to visit.

Chattanooga, TN- A few water front photos in Chattanooga.

New Orleans and Biloxi Bound. - First Long weekend of the season, getaway. News and photos.

New Orleans and Biloxi Photos- Sites around New Orleans and Biloxi.

Fun at Maxton, NC - Land Speed Trials - ECTA - Details from the May 2011 meet.

Maxton Photos on Flicker - Find yourself or car from Maxton, NC, May ECTA meet up. Email for prints or high quality digitals.

Pink Slips Women's Car Club Photo Shoots - Car buffs check this story and VOTE for Sally...

Pink Slips LMC Photo Album- Photos from the day at Legendary Motorcar Company

Riverbanks Zoo Photos - An afternoon at the zoo.

Summit County, CO. - Quick update, on the Summit county Bears gathering..

Castle Mountain Photo Album - Lots of ski, scenery and friend shots. Find yourself.

Castle Mountain Winter - Friends, fun and work. - All the details, slide show and photo album.

Warning, HHGregg Return? - Read and be wary; features update.

Houston and Area - Houston, Galveston and the Gulf coast, what to do with 4 days in the area.

October in the Carolinas - Myrtle Beach new, Fort Fisher Ferry fun, York Fall Festival.-------Slide Show here too.

Fall Colours- Blue Ridge Parkway fall colours on Flicker

Victoria, Whistler, Whale Watching, - Finally added the details on a terrific spring vacation to go with the photo album I uploaded in the spring.

Port Dover, Friday 13th Ride In - Photos of the Port Dover Ride in.

Victoria, Whale Watching, Whistler - Complete pictures from my whale watching excursion in Victoria, BC, and the rest.

7 Days 4 Resorts, Utah, Big Mountain Fun - Salt Lake city Utah, a great place for skiers. Check it out.

It's Better in the Bahamas - 4 day, 3 night mini cruise to the Bahamas; get all the details.

A Wedding! November 7, 2009, Leonard and Jenny Parker - The big day.

What about the Norfolk Area-Favorite places to eat in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake area and what to see.

Atlantic City, Long Weekend -Why we keep going back. Where to eat, sleep and play

Washington with Grant and Donna -Great time. So awesome to meet up with old friends, and Shelby, you're not 2 any more!

4 Days in New Orleans - What a great get away. We escaped for 4 days and 3 nights to New Orleans.

Atlantic City Weekend -Caesar's invited me for the weekend, free flight for two, free rooms and most meals free. Well it's never really free, but it was nice.

March Break, 2009 - Katrina and the family come to Myrtle Beach.

Wintergreen, VA , Closing Day, 2009 - A day at Wintergreen Ski hill, and we thought ski season was over.

Summer 2007, wow - Catch all the up to date news on who did what, and the latest pics.

New York City New Year - Happy New Year 2007!

Wow Vegas, A Modern Wonder -What a birthday.

Richmond & Portsmouth, VA - What a weekend it turned out to be.

Len and Jo-anne Graduate- Definitely the highlight of my year was these two making it to graduation!

S.N.A.R.T. Group of Racers -Fun weekend, details in the news.

Natalie and Jay at Disney - A surprise visit to Florida for my niece and nephew, details here.

Holiday July 2005 - Rockford and Chicago highlights from 2005,click to go right to the story.

Skiing In North Carolina - Yes, there really is skiing here! See pictures, links to hill sites and more. Click to read.

Cruising the Caribbean - Nice cruise pictures and details.

Fit and Forty - How I did it!

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January 2013 Update - The last of 2012, the world didn't end.

We did the cruise over US thanksgiving, as I updated in December, and I did get the Cruise News page up and running. I can't believe I let over a month pass since my update and I didn't get the cruise photos up on the photos page, so that is a job for today along with this small update. I am happy to have the Cruise News page up and running now, but as of last week when Chrome ran an update to Version 24.0.1312.52 m, it quit properly supporting my perfectly good code and is not aligning my photos correctly if I put in links on them to the larger size. I worked on the News page and have come up with a work around for now but it's a lot more coding and kind of messy to force it to format how I like it and how everyone has gotten used to. Guess I have to live with it until I see another update. I haven't fixed the Cruise News page yet as I was hoping that Chrome answered my help request and fixed it, so I'm giving it a month to see. If you use google chrome, the cruisenews page with be slightly wider then it should be and not look as pretty, but it is readable and functioning. On to what's new.

(Atlanta, Georgia, downtown Coca Cola and Aquarium park, December 9, 2012)
Misty Atlanta, GA, Coca Cola museum park shared with the Aquarium.
Since the big cruise, I have taken only a couple little trips. I made it to the worlds largest Aquarium in Atlanta, GA, for my birthday. A small news piece on the Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium showing how incredible it is will be added to the news page today. It is one of the largest in the world. It claims to be the largest but I see that Singapore opened up the new S.E.A. Aquarium in November, 2012 and it is now the largest with 12 million gallons of water being held, but that doesn't take away at all from the 10 million gallon tank in Atlanta or watching the whales and huge fish through the plexiglass walls and tunnels. Worth a couple of hours if you're traveling through Atlanta.

Grand Daughter out for a day skiing with us.Christmas break took me to Niagara Falls for a couple nights (photo below), Christmas with my mom and dad, oldest son and grand children, then after Christmas time to spend with my younger son and his daughter, finished off with a quiet New Years Eve right at home. My plans to teach skiing for the winter were cancelled also as the teachers in Ontario are doing a work to rule action this year and they have cancelled all extra curricular activities, including ski trips. This is going to hurt the ski resorts some and it hurts my pocket book too. I did start writing for Digital Journal and you can read more about the work to rule action affect on the ski resorts in my article there.

Skiing with the grand daughter made my week though, she remembered everything from learning last year and took right off down the hill. By the end of this year she'll be going everywhere. I got a couple photos of her and this little video if you want to see her in action. I'm sure her other grandma and mom might want to have a look. Really not a big update today. I'll add the aquarium photos and a little write up on the news page and you'll hear from me next month.

As mentioned, I have started writing for, pretty cool, I've done about 8 articles now so you can keep up with my articles there too.Niagra Falls at night, over Christmas.

November in South Carolina - What to do and US Thanksgiving too.
(Photo from November 15, 2012, Rock Hill, SC.)
Leaf pile on road and trees with leaves hanging on still, November 15, 2012, Rock Hill, SCStill a few leaves to be found hanging on to the South Carolina trees but we can definitely feel the chill in the air this year. Temperatures have been 10 plus degrees Fahrenheit below normal and mornings are very chilly now. I hadn't put on my heat yet, just dressed warm but the house temperature was dropping to 65 or so over night then warming back up to the 70's during the day. It's been 32F (around freezing) several mornings but usually it's in the low 40's.

Tree lines street in Rock Hill, SC on November 15, 2012 with fall colors and leaves hanging on. So now to decide just what one should do with a holiday and colder temperatures then expected, to get a good rest and a warm up. Did I mention we had a cruise booked? A Southern Caribbean cruise sounded like a great idea and we just happened to have booked one a year ago. Mom and dad booked also and for the first time, Shawn and his fiancee wanted to come along and they got a cabin directly across the hall from our cabin and came along for their first trip to the Caribbean. A great way to spend the US Thanksgiving. My mom and dad and kids don't actually celebrate US Thanksgiving as they are Canadian and work in Canada but they booked the vacation time and got some warm weather before the snow flew (which incidentally started flying a lot while they were away).

Now the hard part... how does one pick one photo from a 7 day cruise to go on my cover story? Next to impossible I say. I am doing a full write up on the cruise, as usual, but something new, I'm going to add a Cruise News page as we go fairly often, I will put all my prior cruise stories in one spot and this new one reviewing the 7 night Western Caribbean trip from Tampa to Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Grand Cayman. That will come later this week. Hopefully it will give one spot where people can compare the experiences on the different cruise lines and areas visited. We traveled Carnival again this time, and there was the usual good and bad found on cruises, with the good, out weighing the inconveniences. For more details, read the write up later this week on the Cruise News section I'll be adding.

(Elegant night in the dining room, taken on board by the ship photographer, not my own) Elegant evening on the the Thanksgiving cruise.

September and October - Hamilton Waterfront to a Vancouver Island Thanksgiving.
(View on a smog less day of Toronto while rollerblading at Confederation Park, Hamilton.)
Looking across Lake Ontario at from Hamilton, at the Toronto Skyline.
Well the last half of September and October were some of my busiest weeks this year, with time in Hamilton, ON, South Carolina and visiting my brother in Victoria, BC. I was in Hamilton, ON for a week in the middle of September where the great weather had me out using the waterfront trails to roller blade 16km every day. What a great waterfront park they have now. Hard to believe it is the smelly place I wouldn't go near and plugged my nose when we drove through as a child. It's beautiful now, with Confederation Park and the trail along the water front running 8.5 km's in Hamilton alone, and I didn't' smell the steel plants once all week. It then continues to Niagara Falls to the South and around Lake Ontario to the North and East. The best use I've seen of tax dollars in years. I'll include a few shots of the waterfront park in the Autumn photo album, along with many of Victoria and some beautiful spots on Vancouver Island. I spent a week or so in South Carolina before heading to spend a few weeks at my brothers with my mom and dad. It is the first Thanksgiving I had spent with my brother and parents in years. I really don't recall the last time we were all together. Shame my sister couldn't have made it the same week but she visited him earlier this year.

Confederation park trail in Hamilton, ON along Lake Ontario.Confederation Park, along the Hamilton waterfront, as I mentioned has really upgraded itself. The mid month temperatures in September were perfect for rollerblading along the trail here, as I could wear pants and a light long sleeve T, but no sweater needed, it was was really perfect weather. No rain to speak of either for the week, letting me spend lots of time in on the roller blades. I was beginning to feel almost competent by the weeks end. This was a great way to start getting in shape for the fast approaching ski season. I actually did some ice skating when I was in Victoria also, with my brother. I remember how much I love to skate when I just get out there and do it. I should find a way to go more then once or twice every couple years, both ice skating and rollerblading.

I have quite a few more photos from the waterfront and what you see there (swans, the old lighthouse, etc) of Hamilton in the Autumn Photo Album, so be sure to check it out for more information on the trail. In the News you will find my full write up on the Thanksgiving visit with my brother on Vancouver Island, our stay at Mt Washington, hiking Strathcona Park, and various other nature sites. Don't miss the write up or the photo Album of that. There is spectacular scenery on Vancouver Island and a spot everyone should get a chance to visit.

(Visiting my brother with Mom and Dad on Vancouver Island)Myself, mom, dad and Ronnie

August 2012 - A Holiday with the Grandchildren
(photo 08/27/2012, click for larger)
The perfect spot to bring the grand children..just waiting for the swimmers.
Alida gets to drive the boat.What better way to have fun with the grandchildren then to rent a lake side cottage in Northern Ontario! Bear Lake Lodge was the perfect spot to rent a cottage for a week and take the grandchildren. They have the slide, swimming area, kayaks, paddle boats and for an extra charge you can arrange to have a motor boat rental available for your use also. We did a tour of the lake while visiting and it's quite a large lake and Alida got to drive the boat making her day, with lots of good fish to be caught, along with great scenery. Jim and Joy Cuff are great hosts, keeping everything in top shape and ready to go. All our needs were taken care of in the kitchen stocked cottage, with linens and bedding supplied, propane BBQ on the step and a picnic table with a view to enjoy meals at with the children. I'll have a full photo album up soon with all the fun being had in the week.

Downtown Barrie, ON, the Spirt Catcher, during Promenade Days, 2012.Other notable events in August were trying to win a Harley. Robin and I were in the final 100 for the Black Harley 883 sporster being given away by the Cox Harley Davidson Dealer and Cheerwine through 96.9, The Kat, Charlotte's Best Country Station (so they say). We weren't lucky enough be the winner but Kim Wilkerson got the quite the surprise when she showed up to pick up tickets her husband had won from the radio station sponsoring the event and was entered to win the harley while present. She hung around, as you had to be present to win, low and behold she made the final 100 and then was the last number called... Number 55, to win the Harley. She sold the Harley back to Cox but will put the money toward a good cause. Two daughters will be getting married this fall. This means I don't have to get my motorcycle license. I had told Robin that if I won I would actually learn to ride and use it... hate to hand a gift back.

Along with visiting the cottage for a week with the grand children I made it to the CNE this year. Not only did I make it to the EX but I made it for the Air Show, always my favorite way to spend the Labor Day long weekend. Lots of family and friends showed and Shawn brought along Audrey for her first rides. Below was the entrance made by Canada's Snow Birds. I have several more photos from the air show that will be posted to a photo album on the photos page later this week or next. Read more about the Air Show and the Carolinas Aviation Museum we visited last month in the news. August must be for aviation. I'm heading away again next week so possibly the week after to get the photo albums up, just before I head to Victoria, BC for three weeks to visit my brother in October. I can't wait for that!

The Snow Birds come across the sky to the start of their part of the CNE 2012 Labour Day Weekend Air Show.

July 2012 - Summer's So Fun!
(photo July 3, click for larger)
Dolphins playing in the Cape Fear River, Southport, NC.
Is there a more fun night out then then dinner with family and friends at the track? A fun trip north to visit the kids and grand kids over the July 4 holiday included a night at the track, fireworks in my home town of Midland and time to have fun with most of the grandchildren. I can't ask more then that. So many photos, I must get to those photo albums I promised last month that never were uploaded. This month May to July albums will be posted.

Downtown Barrie, ON, the Spirt Catcher, during Promenade Days, 2012.This month was all about fun. I made it out to the trails almost daily on the bicycle, then to the Taste of Charlotte, NC, mini festival after which, heading north for a mini holiday that turned into a bit of work and play, but all was good, I did manage to see most of the grand children and the kids. First stop on route was Barrie, ON where I stopped in at the annual  Promenade Days meeting up with Leonard and his girlfriend Phi, then Fireworks seen below in my hometown of Midland, ON, with Shawn, Amber and Audrey (one of my gorgeous blonde grand daughters), along with a visit to the races, later in the week a visit to the African Lion Safari with my other grand children from Oakville, ON, and finally managed to catch up with friends in Elora and Guelph and see the nieces and my sister in Guelph. It was a packed month of everything I wanted to do.

A couple of news stories will follow along with photos. A night at the Barrie Raceway, a day at African Lion Safari, and possibly a small right up on the Taste of Charlotte.

Fireworks at Midland, ON, Canada for Canada Day 2012.

June Update: Carolina East Coast Fun - Where did May go?
May, 2012 Dolphins in the river.
So here I am seriously slacking again. When I should have been posting what was done in May I finally got around to Kerr Lake State Park, on of 13 Picnic areas.the new articles from April. But it's June still, it could be worse. May was good. I traveled a few places with Robin for work and wasn't home very much. I actually posted the news article on the Cruise from Henderson, NC while I was away visiting Robin working on the long weekend. I haven't much to say about Henderson, NC. It's a very small town, with little to do where they somehow allow this monument of a HUGE set Lady's Legs with a Bush between to sit in someone's yard as art since 2005. I would be so troubled if I were a neighbour. I'm not even posting the picture of it in easy view as it is oddly disturbing. So click the link if you want to see. Needless to say with so little to do for the 5 days I visited Robin at work in Henderson, I had little to do and no excuse as to why I didn't get more of this done. They do have a truly lovely state park just up the road, Kerr Lake State Park. I went there for a drive one evening and checked out all the camp sites. I want to rent Campsite 19, which has it's own piece of private beach on it. Beautiful day park or camping park, tons of beach sites (13 large picnic areas), play areas, grills and shade. Next time I'm heading up 85 to Virginia I'll pack a picnic lunch and stop in.

I started May in Southport, NC (see photos), an extreme other world from Henderson, where I finished it. What a beautiful historic town. I'm always thrilled to find out I have to head to Southport for anything. It's along the Cape Fear river just off the Atlantic Ocean, where wildlife seems to abound, and shares the space with ocean going vessels, pleasure craft and people. This trip didn't disappoint my camera either. I watched the dolphins above for hours playing in the currents and teasing boaters that came close to get photos. The sea life and birds team here. I have two photos on my Istock Portfolio from this weekend of the Ibis flying in formation and one Ibis pecking at the pier. This is a town that should be on everyone's list of must goes. They have a huge City of Southport July 4th festival, so if you haven't made plans, you might want to check it out. I am putting in a photo album of my day in Southport along the Cape Fear River. You can view the album here, Southport, Cape Fear photos.

Arriving to Surfside Beach, Holiday Inn for Bike Week 2012 with an ocean view room.  Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2012 - I'm not doing any long news stories this month, it just wasn't that impressive this year. It was a destination but it was overcast and rained on and off for the week. The first tropical storm of the year spent the first week of bike week, May 11 to 19th, forming just off the coast of Myrtle Beach, affecting North Myrtle to Murrells Inlet weather for the entire week. On the weekend, the weather service finally announced the depression had become 2012's first named stormed as it formed up into a tropical storm. I believe it hit Hurricane 1 status during the next week but was a tropical storm any time it hit land and it affected just the coast line with mostly heavy rains. At least while it formed it was just cloudy, gloomy and on and off showers with the odd storm (on the way out we drove through 2 hours of relatively heavy rain from Florence to Conrad, SC). We ate on the way out at a small diner to wait out some thunder and lightning and we skirted more lightning just outside of Florence, SC. Other then that it was just very heavy rain making it extremely difficult to see on the motorbike. My new rain suit, a sailing design by Wetskins, performed awesomely, very pleased with it. I was, for the most part, in dry clothes when arrived and removed it. That was impressive. We stayed at Holiday Inn, Surfside Beach, avoiding any hassles the City of Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach City still refuses to support Bike Week and motorcycle enthusiasts (we are not bikers) since 2008. Since it still won't support bike week and even though their local helmet bylaw as shot down, they had to pay back all those that were charged, why go where I'm not wanted? We avoid the City of Myrtle Beach most of the time now and stay at one of the other many beach areas along the coast. Most of the action for Bike Week 2012 was in Murrells Inlet, the southern end of the beach fronts participating in bike week. Myrtle Beach, Harley had the usual displays and North Myrtle had lots of vendors, rides and events but Murrells Inlet below, looks like bike week.

Murrells Inlet during Myrtle Beach Bike Week, May 18, 2012, where most the action was at.

An April Cruise, Denver, and a Charity Ride.
May 5, 2012
Mom and dad visited and cruised.
Well I did get one of my winter news articles up on the news page before my mom and dad came to visit for a few weeks. You'll see the cruise to Bahamas out of Miami on the archived 2011 news page now and I'll be adding another Bahamas cruise information and photos of Cruise 2012, out of Port Canaveral taken with my mom and dad this past month. It was a relaxing and enjoyable couple weeks.Dave - DJ Crash of South Carolina is our officer moonlighting as a DJ neighbour who gave us the info on the ride. We squeezed in a very inexpensive four day cruise while they visited and all went to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral, on Carnival Cruise Lines. I'll post a review on the news page and give my opinion of how they compared to the similar cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line in December. Don't miss out on the Vancouver and Whistler trip highlights and the Denver trip taken this past month also. All the info will be in the news coming this month.

Before my mom and dad made I also was able to squeeze in an escorted charity ride from Rock Hill, SC to Charlotte, NC. The Thin Blue Line Ride had a great turn out and goes to terrific cause, helping families of officers killed or injured in their line of duty. Having all those officers to escort the riders helped make it safe and special. The ride was given right of way at all intersections with police cars set up in each town to direct the traffic as we approached lights and even a train stopped to watch the ride go past. The turnout was huge, and made for a quite a site as all the bikes went past. A Thin Blue Line Album is posted, read about the event on the link provided and come join it next year. My neighbour, Dave, let us know about the ride as he's an officer who DJ's on the side and was DJ for the ride. A fun day.

The line behind us and the one in front is just as long.  See all the photos on the photo page.

Where To Start After Five Month's Busy.
November 2011 to April 8, 2012
One of a couple of seals entertaining us at Victoria Harbour and trying to get people to feed them fish.
So much was squeezed into the past 5 months, I have no idea where to begin! I went to Whistler for US Thanksgiving and met my brother there. I visited Victoria for a couple days, I just love it there and a night with friends in Blaine, Washington. They had a lovely property, what a quaint border town. The scenery is incredible and the I snapped some some photos of the harbour seals in Victoria that come right up at the dock looking for people to pass them fish. I headed away on a mini cruise to the Bahamas', right after Victoria and Whistler and then to Ontario to teach skiing for the winter at Mount Saint Louis Moonstone.

MSLM is back to my home digs. It was the first ski hill I ever taught at and the place I learned to ski. Unbelievable that there is still people there teaching I taught with 25 years ago. Mary and Sandra were both teaching here when I taught here in 1988, as was Dude and they are still there today. It was fun to go back my roots for a winter and get the awesome training offered from Level 4 ski school director, Jim Morris, Level 4 Ian Morrison and on weekends from Level 4 Ian Kirkpatrick (also remembered from way back when I learned to ski), along with a few others that skied with me weekly and kept me on my toes. Old friends and new friend's it made for a great winter and I achieved my main goal. Alida is comfortable on skis and got out every other weekend all winter. Great to know she has a good head start and I'm going to return to Ontario next year to teach, allowing Alida and myself to get a little more training and hopefully I'll go do my own exams.

Since returning to South Carolina I've spent a week in Colorado skiing and sight seeing in Denver. I'll do a few news articles over the next few weeks to cover off details of the Thanksgiving trip to Whistler and Victoria, the Bahamas' mini cruise and my week in Colorado. I hear I may get to Korea in May, that's something exciting to come.

Photo compliments of Jim Morris, a little bright and not my best photo but it's the week day ski school. The week day ski school.  Not my best photo but the only one I have.

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