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"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do." Henry Ford, 1863-1947

Carolina First Turns, The Snow Finally Arrives.

(Dec. 4, 2010)
6 Inches of snow at Sugar, North Carolina, Great Skiing.
(Dec. 4th and 5th, 2010)
Finally, we get a weekend we can be home to hit slopes and mother nature blessed us with a fresh layer of snow to enjoy it! Aaah the South.It was a great weekend. Some of the best snow I've skied in the Carolina fell on Saturday morning. I was really hoping to get some turns in and tracks down before I headed west to Castle Mountain to work for the winter and I could not have had better conditions then I found at Sugar Mountain on Saturday. You can see the snow spraying up from Robin's boots in the picture beside here, that was about 5 to 6 inches that had accumulated as we skied Saturday morning. We met a friend from Epic Ski and really had a good day.

After skiing we headed over to Maggie Hot Dogging at Cataloochee Ski HillValley for the night to ski Cataloochee for our first time on Sunday. Cataloochee ski hill has a food collection ever year before Christmas. Ten cans of food buys you a days tow ticket. Kudos to Cataloochee for this, great way to raise food for those in need. The conditions were no where near as nice asVery Busy when Free lift tickets are the day's standard.  Great way to raise food for the food bank. the fresh snow at Sugar but it was snowing as we skied and we were given the best parking spot in the whole resort. As we pulled in, a young fellow on a quad runner guided us up to the doorway of the lodge and said, you may as well take that spot, it's getting packed here. We looked over and he gave us the General Manager's spot. Bonus... we were having a tough trying to figure out how we were going to get all the extra food we had purchased in to the chalet from a distant parking spot. We did a little hot dogging here and then were off. Free skiing makes for a very busy resort, but it's official, ski season has blown in. More to come next month.

US Thanks Giving, Giving Thanks in the Keys.

(November 25, 2010)
US Thanks Giving, 2010 getaway to Key West.
Aaah the South.(November 25th, 2010)
Robin and I had never yet made far enough South to have hit Key West. The farthest point south on USA soil. It was a beautiful weekend, great weather, well a little rain the first afternoon until late morning on Black Friday, but it was 84 F, I woke to people swimming past outside my window instead of joggers, the palm trees were swaying and it all smelled so fresh. This is really an interesting area with a mix of beauty, fun, food and poverty that is pretty common in such warm areas. Those that come and want to enjoy the life but become addicted to the party and then those that settle to their art and make a life for themselves. It is striking to see the young alcoholics on the street peddling for beers among the relatively well off tourists and residents. I definitely want to go back for a return trip of more then a few days.

We stayed on the non beach side of the island, did tons of miles walking and explored the galleries (Peter Lik photo gallery here, among others, the stores of Duval Street and the main downtown and dock area. We did the usual tourist stuff, saw the Little White House, many presidents have used as a retreat. This was actually a really nice display and interestingly informative. Well worth going to see. We did a walk by of Ernest Hemingway's house this time, and had a look around the island for where we might want to stay if we went for a week. An evening Sunset cruise on a glass bottom boat wasn't quite the pace we were looking for, so snorkeling and going to Tortuga is on the list for next trip. For a glimpse of what Key West has to offer, check out the photos in the photo album. Just a short update today, it is a beautiful area with lots to see(just looking in the water as you walked along the sidewalk we saw a baby sting ray, large crab, etc), parasailing, snorkeling, beaches, beautiful sunsets, wonderful foliage and great food. A perfect vacation play ground with a mix of fun, shopping, and serenity if you seek it.

There's nothing like a visit to the falls during the Festival of Lights.

(November 12th - 13th, 2010)
Weekend get away to Niagara Falls, Festival of Lights, 2010.
The falls at night, click for slide show.(November 12th, 2010)
Since Robin and I were north to visit the granddaughter we flew out of Buffalo for Houston and had to return for the car. We decided to spend Friday and Saturday at the Falls, enjoying the 2010 Festival of Lights, before driving home on Sunday. The weather was great for November, quite mild, and the lights, as enjoyable as ever.

Robin spent a little time in the casino, but luck wasn't with him as far as gaming went, and he just made sure he contributed to the Niagara economy. I'm putting up a little slide show here of the usual sites in the falls and no big news write up. The falls is always a great spot to spend a few days or a week, with more then can be done and seen in a single trip near by to enjoy. One more write up to follow, I've been in Orlando and Key West since getting home.

I've just returned home from Key West, FL and will post a bit on it before I head away for work for the winter. Yes....I'm heading to Castle Mountain Ski Resort, AB, to teach skiing for the winter. After next week, the page will begin to have a distinctly snowy appeal. Hopefully I'm not too exhausted at night to keep everyone up to date over the 4 month's of winter and I can find something interesting to post. Can't wait.

What to do Houston? Go to The Galleria.

(November 8-12th, 2010)
Who would have thought I would go to Houston to ice skate?
The Galleria in Houston, getting ready for Chrismas.(November 8th to 12th, 2010)
Well I spent 4 days in Houston, sort of. We were half way to Houston, I was going along to get photos as I had never been, when Robin was called and the Houston plant had cancelled the call. This left us having spent 37500 air mile points that we had already spent and would need to spend $150.00 to turn around and head back. Instead of totally wasting the points, Robin booked a couple days holidays and we flew back on the Thursday as we had planned originally.

I got off the plane in Houston and asked the information desk lady, "What would you take house guests that have just come to visit you in Houston and have never been here to see?" That turned out to be a difficult question and she couldn't think of anything. Actually she said, you might want to Galveston, it's not very pretty but the historical part is interesting. Maybe you'll see something you want to take photos of since you're the photographer. OH, she says, "The Galleria" has a nice fountain and you should go there. That is a shopping mall? Yes, she says. Hmmm, I think, I'm not much of a shopper, but if that's all there is to do. She handed me a brochure and said, maybe it would have some better ideas. Read the news to see what we found to do in Houston!

October in the the Carolinas -- Myrtle Beach, Fort Fisher Ferry fun, York Fall Festival.

Fort Fisher Ferry just returning to the dock, heading from South Port, NCTsunami zone at Mrytle Beach? Read the news for what's new at the beach.(November 1, 2010)
I headed off to work with Robin the last couple of weeks for a few a days each week, and on Friday, last week, we decided the scenic route home was in order. The scenic route meant a drive to the North Carolina coast (we were only a couple hours away), and then a drop down to Myrtle Beach, SC for the night. We headed to Myrtle Beach via Wilmington, NC, dropping down to the Fort Fisher Ferry Terminal (half hour ride across to South Port), and then down to the Beach. It is always such a pretty drive to go out and along the coast. I just love the ocean and can never get enough of watching it.

That was last weekend and this weekend the York, SC Fall Festival was on. A real small town American "thang" to do. We spent the day on Saturday at the festival. Since I had just received my new lens (Canon 70-200mm L ef), I had to go practice. All the shots from the car show, vendors and main street band, displays and some just around town are in The News. Nothing too exciting, just mainly practice with the new lens to see what it would do. This and the write up on our Myrtle Beach stop over, pictures of the brand new boardwalk (looks like it will be wonderful when it all grows in and matures some), are all in the news along with a slide show of the photos.York, SC Fall Festival Constitution Street.

Fall Colours on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Fall colours across a North Carolina mountain lake pull off on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Looking very American on his Harley out for a weekend Bike ride to see the fall colours.(October 16, 2010)
Well we took a beautiful ride on Saturday in the cooler fall temperatures (70F was the days high), making it chilly when we left in the morning and chilly all day when riding. Robin and I headed up to the North Carolina Mountains to see the fall colours. It was a beautiful ride one told us that there would be approximately 30,000 other people driving up the mountain with us making it stop and go most of the way; not a fun situation on a motorbike.

We did make it to the Blue Ridge Parkway and I took a few pictures but then we headed back down early due to the crowds which really did make riding more difficult and photos that were full bound to be full of strangers with a few fall colours over their heads. I took a few photos of, what are very pretty colours out this year, and we headed back home for an early night with our fresh raspberries and strawberries picked up on route. They are still nice and sweet considering they are fall berries. See the rest of the photos on by clicking here for Flicker.

The Annual Michigan State Game Rolled Around Again.

(October 2, 2010)
Once a year we head up to Detroit, MI to join friends for a day of tailgating and a Michigan State game. This past weekend was it. Joe always has a ticket for us if we make this annual game. We flew up from Charlotte, NC for the game; actually we flew from Florence, SC because it was less then half the price...for the same flight; it stopped in Charlotte and flew on to Detroit. John and his son joined us, along with Joe's mom, sister and nephew; all usuals for this annual meet up. It rained, which it has every year since Robin started taking me 3 years ago, but it still doesn't dampen the spirit. The fall colours are just barely starting this year as it's an earlier game then we went to last year, hoping for better weather but Detroit had other things in mind. It was 15 degrees below normal at 48 F for a high and rainy. I was sure glad I wore my wool and packed my coat. See the slide show with all the days photos just click below. State vs Wisconsin and State won, 34 to 24. We had a great day as usual.

Click Picture to View Slide Show Highlights or all the days Pictures on Flicker

Joe and Robin at the Tailgate Camp


Where Did Summer Go?

(Sept 29, 2010 update, picture Aug. 14, 2010)

Marble bench to honour Joy and Wayne Parker's life.

Well another summer has passed and it seems appropriate to end it saying good bye to Joy (Robin's mother). As I mentioned earlier, we were up to Midland for a two week vacation and part of this vacation was to get the immediate family together to celebrate Joy's life, per her wishes. Joy's brother, Carl, really wanted to purchase something in her memory and arranged for this bench to go into the family grave yard. It's a beautiful tribute and I'm sure Joy is enjoying sitting and meditating on it where ever she is. Along with seeing the bench we all went to a local ski hill to spread Joy's ashes. She learned to ski at 65 and never quite made it down a black diamond, so her ashes now reside on a run as she wished, so she would make it down a Black Diamond. The lilies were Joy's favorite flower. She kept gardens full of them. She would be so pleased to see the picture below of her children, brother, nieces, nephews, grand children and great great grand children and to know we did all get together as she wished.

This weekend I'll be off for my annual trip to Detroit for a Michigan State game. I'll be routing for Michigan with my friends and have the pictures and details later! More updates will come and I'll get back to doing the detailed news.

Gathering to say a few words before spreading Joy's ashes.

August Holidays Yay: Port Dover Friday the 13th Ride in and Family Visits.

(August 31, 2010 update, picture Aug. 13, 2010)

Port Dover, ON, Main Street, all you can see is bikes and people, Friday the 13th, Ride IN.

As mentioned in my previous update, Robin and I were heading to Port Dover, Ontario, for the high light of his two week holidays booked off in August. Robin has been planning the ride in for a year now since learning the 13th would fall in prime summer weather this year. So were approximately 100,000 other people, which make the Port Dover ride in the largest one day motorcycle event on the planet. Robin has been so excited about the chance to take me on this ride in as it is quite different from riding in to week long events where everyone rides in at different times and days. This event, has a line up from all over Ontario of motorbikes heading to Dover when ever there is a Friday the 13th come rain or shine. This years perfect weather brought the record crowds they expect. The photos of the day are in the Photo Album and on my facebook page for those that have asked to be added as friends. Check out the new Ultra Road Glide by Harley; Robin's dream bike has been made, wonder how long till he has it?

We stayed in Hamilton, ON, the night before,after riding up from from South Carolina on the bike and then road the 56 km to Dover from there in the morning. We did the ride up in two days and had some electrical troubles the first evening, stopping in Morgantown, WV, where the Harley Dealer squeezed us in the next morning, fixed us up by noon and we were on our away again. It was a good holiday, with perfect riding weather. Our time included a ride up to Midland, ON, for a memorial for Robin's mother and spreading some of her ashes on a ski hill (not the requested hill yet), so she could spend eternity on the hill side. I have a couple pictures of the family gathering and the marble bench that Joy's brother, Carl, had placed in the family grave yard to honor both Joy and Wayne (Robin's father, also passed now). I'll add those things later this week to the album. Just a short update, until I take time to do the news.

Line up at the lights in Hagersville, 20 miles to go yet. Line up behind when stopped on approach to Hagersville before reaching town as bikes ahead hit the town lights, 20 miles to go. Almost there, past the Port Dover water tower and we can see the waterfront now.
(above) Port Dover ride in from Hamilton, ON, line up at 8:30 to 9:00am

Busy little guy.

Quarterly Updates Now? I've been Busy. Whistler, Whale Watching, Victoria, BC, My Grandson and Working.

(July 12, 2010)
Yes this update is long over due. But I have been so busy. After my last post I had my grandson down on his own for three weeks, he was so much fun! See 1.5 hours with Lerato on facebook. What a busy little guy. I was phoned by work in Canada to come up for two weeks and fill in at the office, so I actually only had him down south for 2 weeks, when I headed north with him for June. I had 4 more weeks with him up north and he knows me well now. I'm the lady that makes him food and wins his heart that way. He loves his food.

Well just before having my grandson for 3 weeks, I was off to Whistler, BC to join my brother and his friend for a 4 day weekend, then spent a week at his place in Victoria, BC. What a great vacation. Robin managed to join us for the ski weekend, but he wasn't there to enjoy the high light of my week, whale watching. Don't miss all the whale watching photos in the photo album, here. There will be a full update on the news page this week on whale watching and skiing at Whistler.

Whistler was long over due for a place for me to ski. Fully open, April 10, coincidence?  The gods were smiling at me. I had never gone while my kids were growing up, just because the resort being so large and crowded,wasn't going to jive with Leonard's penchant for taking off on his own down ski runs when we were away on ski trips from the time he was 7.Finally, since my brother moved west last year, I had the opportunity I'd been waiting for to go ski it and enjoy it. Enjoy it I did. Myself, my brother (Ronnie), Robin and Pete (Ron's buddy) all went for a 4 day weekend. I do not have a sole picture that I could put up here to give the feeling of the vastness of terrain available to ski at Whistler, so you'll have to read the full write up of our four days at Whistler Blackcomb and my Victoria trip in the news for more pictures and details. The Whistler Photo Album is uploaded now. Definitely a new favorite ski destination and lives up to all the hype. The freak early April snow storm with 6 to 8 inches of fresh snow, along with full snow coverage at the resort in April is not the normal, and went a long way to my enjoyment of this resort. The gods were smiling at me, click to see the large picture, every run is checked open!

Saying bye to the whales as we left then behind heading for the refuge of Rack Rocks Preserve

The Grandson's first South Carolina Visit, and mom (Jenny) too!

(April 21, 2009)
Grandson's first Carrosel This is a small update to at least catch up a little. In the past month, since the last post (which you may have noticed never did get the pictures and news done for), I have had visitors and done two more trips. On the right here, is my 1 year old grandson, Lerato, and his mom Jenny. They both came to visit for a week and a half in March, and headed home March 31. We made it to the Columbia Riverbanks Zoo, Charleston, and lots of shopping while they were here. Mom wanted to do the Charleston, in Charleston, SC so we had to get there and she did the Charleston in the waterfront park. We also did the historic carriage ride about town. There's no better way to get an introduction to Charleston's special place in history.


Arthur Ravenal Jr Bridge, Charleston, SC

The only way to take a proper picture of Charleston is to have the famous Arthur Ravenal Jr. Bridge in the background. This bridge was completed in 2005, is 8 lanes wide and a popular site on it's own. Where else are fountains meant just for play, but in Charleston, SC.It replaced the antique bridges crossing the Cooper River and is a site all it's own today. All the information you'll ever need is in the link.

I can't wait to have the little guy back for more fun, he was such a pleasure. I'm getting him for 3 weeks this month!. There's tons of pictures of Jenny and Lerato's visit already added to the Photo Album. I still haven't managed to upload the bike week or Savannah pictures from last update, but I've got the priority photos done. I will get the rest done soon enough.

There will be another update very soon to cover off my trip to Victoria, BC, whale watching and Whistler, BC, for a final turn at skiing in April. What a great way to end a fabulous ski season! More to come soon, along with tons of photos from the mountains and whale watching, and a little on what to see and expect at Whistler; food, accommodation and getting there.



Ski Season to Daytona Bike Week, Say It's Not Over Yet.

(March 16, 2010)

Blue Knob, PA, Hosting the East Coast Epic Ski Gathering.

Well the month has taken us many places, but by far the most enjoyable was to Blue Knob, PA Ski Resort, pictured above. I just love the crisscrossing shared chair life poles. This was chosen as the Epic Ski Eastern Gathering point for season 2009/2010. When Robin turned up with time and a full weekend off for February 20 to 22, we headed to meet up with the eastern ski bears from Epic Ski. If you ski and haven't signed up at Epic Ski yet, what are you waiting for? It's the best ski site on the internet, for novices to experts. I'll add pictures from the Eastern Gathering to the Photo album and combine them with the Utah gathering pictures, just as few photos as my camera was being repaired by Canon and I only had a little point shoot Samsung along. Record East coast snowfalls, 1000 feet of vertical and more varied terrain then typical East Coast ski hills, made this little known or skied, rustic ski hill, the perfect gem in the rough. May then never change a thing. To find about more about Blue Knob, read The News; I'll put in a full review and write up.

Ski season being almost done, the first sign of spring happened last weekend with the completion of Daytona Bike Week, February 26 to March 7, 2010. Robin and I had planned to go down for the weekend of March 6th and 7th on the bike, and turn in the 150 tickets we purchased in December from BADD (Biker's Against Drunk Driving), but his work had other plans for him on the 7th, so we gave our tickets to our neighbour and good friend, Steve, who was heading down to the Daytona Speedway track to peddle his Motor cross wares. We then arranged to Ski at Sugar, NC, on March 6th, and wrote off our weekend in Daytona. Luck would be with us this week. Last minute Robin's work called and asked if he would mind traveling to the Orlando, FL office on Sunday (double time), and do a training day on Monday so he could be back for a job on Wednesday in the Carolina's. Wow, that never happens. We were able to ski Saturday, set off really early on Sunday, March 7, 2010, (4am), arrive in Daytona by noon, see the draw (we didn't win), and get all the last day of Bike Week bargains from the vendors, along with see the beach and check out the cool stuff! More on Bike Week 2010 in The News, and of course, as I finally received my camera back from Canon on the 27th of February, so I have Bike Week photos. So good to have my camera back, thanks Canon. On the way home from Bike Week, we stopped in Savannah, GA. I have some great pictures of there too. I must go see more of it!

Daytona Bike Week, 2010, Final Day

What's New? SLC Utah, 4 Resorts, 7 days......Ski Time

(February 15, 2010)

Me (Lisa) at Alta, Utah.

Nice powder shot, showing we did get a little.It was annual ski trip time! Robin and I headed off to Salt Lake City, Utah for our vacation this year. First time in Utah we were looking forward to the Big Mountain ski time the ski lore talks of and I certainly had some good ski times and fun, but alas, it wasn't to be the best snow year and we didn't get any face deep powder shots. I did get a little powder and someone got a nice shot of it (click the little thumb nail) giving me a great new profile picture; he also caught the picture above as I head down, obviously out of control but certainly having fun. Day 1 and Day 4 we did have a some fresh (about 8 inches day 1, Solitude and a couple inches day 4, Alta) but not the stuff of Utah lore. Though it has not snowed any where near their averages (which are huge), there was tons of snow to find in the trees and off the beaten path, with full coverage. A very warm week, made skiing pleasant and comfortable, but more spring like conditions then champagne powder.

All in all, a GREAT spot to go. More ski hills then you can count on your fingers within an hour of Salt Lake City, means you get from air port to accommodation and then to ski hills in the morning with in a very short drive. We chose to stay at the Homewood Suites in Midvale, Utah and travel to the hills every day so we could hit the 4 resorts on our itinerary from the Ski Bears. We met up with 42 people we belong to a Ski Forum with, Epic Ski, followed their Annual Gathering Itinerary and had a fabulous time. Being a Bear also got us an exclusive viewing of The Edge of Never by Bill Kerig, the book bought straight from the author and signed, and a day skiing with the Big Mountain Man himself. The movie has been picked up by SHOe this month with numerous view times; definitely see it. Great forum if you're a skier, sign up. Meet up with people from all over the world, including your local mountain. Robin and I meet up with peeps from North Carolina and Virginia all the time.

Don't miss the news, for all the details.The picture album is posted and I have full reviews of "The Edge of Never", Snowbird Ski Resort, and Snow Basin. The hills were all terrific but these two really went all out. Snow Bird gave the bears, at no cost, the Summit room to meet and view the movie with Bill Kerig and Snow Basin is just a place not to be missed if you're out that way. I'll review the Book, The Edge of Never, when I get through reading it. You can purchase The Edge of Never here.

Robin Can Still Ski...He Was Worried!

(January 12, 2010)
Robin heading off to see if he can still ski.Well as mentioned in my last post Robin and I have been very busy back and fourth to Midland since his mother passed and had no time to strap on the skis. Finally this past week we managed to get out to the hill a couple times, and Robin was finally able to alleviate his worries that his ankle, injured this year in the motor cycle accident would not hold up to a day's skiing. The weather has been frigid for the Carolina's but that has brought far more snow then the usual. As seen here he heads off to the beginner slope to try out a few turns at Sugar Mountain in NC.

After he discovered he could ski still we went off to Wintergreen, VA for night and a full day of getting in some turns. We had a terrific mini vacation. We had on slope accommodation, nice meals right on site, a spa, pool and hot tubs you can enjoy all for a $69.00/night, skiing included, mid week. This small resort offers some nice terrain and makes a great spot for a mini vacation. For a little more information find some pictures and details in the NEWS.

Over all Robin was just happy he can still ski and wasn't in agony anywhere from his bike accident. Below Robin bounces down the hill with his skis, happy in the knowledge, though a little tired and weak, he can still make his skis turn.

As an update to this... When we got to Utah Robin couldn't ski in the deeper snow and is still working on fully recovering. He can ski on groomed runs but his knee injury (not the ankle he worried about), prevents him from being able to go full force in the deeper snow and off any groomed trail. Hopefully next year this will be better.

Robin bouncing down the hill with his skis after discoving he can still ski sans motor cycle injuries.

First Post of 2010; The Olympics are Coming to Canada!

(January 12, 2010)
Nothing like the 2010 Torch Run passing through your town to get you in the spirit. Robin and I have had to be back and fourth to Midland a few times over the holiday, though we spent a very quiet Christmas in between trips South Carolina. The month since our first trip to Midland for Robin's mom passing has flown past and I've had a request from Len to bring all the details of his good friend, Carrie Rawlins, carrying the Torch through a portion of Midland, ON, on the Olympic Torch Run.The torch came through Midland on December 29, 2009 and this was Carrie's day of a lifetime.

Carrie Rawlins, carrying the Torch through Midland, ON.

Carrie (shown above with Len on the left) won the spot to carry the torch for Canada's Vancouver Olympics through the submission of an essay in an icoke contest. I have a full set of the day's photos, supplied by Carrie and another friend of Len's in the photo album. I'll also be high lighting the photos on Simply Photos when I revamp it with all new pictures later this month. Len will be submitting a story a for the NEWS later this month also with all the day's details, and hopefully a little more about the winning essay.

On a Sad Note....My Family Emergency was the Passing of my Robin's Mother, Joy.

(December 21, 2009)

Joy, February 2006, trip to Disney

Joy passed away on December 17, 2009 about 6:30 am. In February 2006, Joy brought Natalie and JP down to our place for a trip to Disney Land. This picture was taken on the way to Disney at a Cracker Barrel where Joy thought she would try Biscuits and gravy. Joy enjoyed each moment of her life to it's fullest and never worried what others might think of what she did. She lived her life honest and true to herself. She loved fun and feeling young.

This picture and the one below of Joy on the carrousel at Disney are the last I have of her. It is with my deepest sympathy to my husband, his brothers, and all the grandchildren and great grand children that are left behind by Joy that I post this and let all know that she has passed. May she rest in peace.

Joy riding the carrousel at Disney, Florida


Cruising with Royal Caribbean, It's Better in the Bahamas.

(December 16, 2009)
Horse and Buggy waiting in Nassau Well I have to say, my mind about the ugly on cruises, has been changed. My fifth cruise aboard, Royal Caribbean's, Majesty of the Seas, has this down to a science of fun and relaxation. This was by far, my nicest cruising experience yet. If you follow my little mag here you may remember one of my cruising articles, "The Good, The Bad, and They Down Right Ugly". Well this cruise addressed most of the bad and ugly from that article. We had a fabulous time and I have the usual bundle of pictures posted on the Photos page, new album. Read the news to see how much better it can be.

If you are cruising, definitely look into traveling with Royal Caribbean, even is it's a tad more money. We did get this mini cruise on a last minute super saver so keep your eyes open, they are not always more money to travel by. The boarding procedure and the over the top courteous staff made the cruise experience stand out for both Robin and I. Robin and I on the Nassau DockWe arrived 5 hours early and instead of a two hour wait to board, they were ready for us. We were whisked on board, given lunch, had access to the bar, swimming pool, hot tubs and our room (usually all not available until much later or when we sailed with our past cruise lines). We were able to wheel our baggage on with us and our cruise started at 12:30 after arriving at the ship at noon. In 30 minutes we were through customs, dropped our baggage in our room, and sitting up on deck for lunch before going to check out the ship and see what toys and luxuries were aboard the Majesty of the Seas. There's lots to tell so read more in THE NEWS. I have all the goodies there. Check out this picture from Iguana Lagoon, see what else we did.

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